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Become a UNISON Steward

Stewards are the backbone of UNISON. Without stewards there would be no one there to act as the link between members and the union; they can keep their colleagues informed of latest developments and support and organise their fellow members around workplace issues. We aim to have at least one steward in each workplace and department and as many as possible in each directorate. After all, UNISON is only as strong as its members.

What does the role involve?

  • Being the first point of contact for members in your workplace
  • Representing/accompanying members in meetings and hearings
  • Organising and advising members around workplace issues
  • Keeping members informed of latest developments
  • Helping to recruit new members and retain existing members
  • Encouraging existing members to become active at a local, regional or national level
  • Being involved in how your branch and union is run

As a member, you are the ideal candidate for the role as you have the innermost understanding of what is going on in your workplace


What would I get out of the role?

  • It will give you a deeper understanding of employment law as well as group and individual rights within the workplace, including local and national issues, concerns and campaigns.
  • There are regular training opportunities that will help you to develop as an individual
  • You will gain a sense of personal satisfaction from helping others, having a positive input and changing things for the better.
  • The branch will support you all the way and be on hand to advise you, provide you with information regarding training opportunities as well as covering all expenses and costs that are incurred as a result of being a steward.
  • New stewards are required to attend an introductory course. There is also training available on how to handle grievances and disciplinary matters, to help aid with representation..

Simply get in touch with us and let us know you're interested.
We will support you from there.